Dear friends! I'm Andrey Chizhov and I invite you to plunge into the fascinating world of Bulgarian wines. It reminds me of the all-too common story:

- What are you going to give me on my birthday?
- ...books and a bottle of fancy wine.
- And what did you give me last time?
- Books! And a bottle of fancy wine!

To know wine means you are always one step ahead, listen not only to sommelier's advice, but also hold your own opinion.
What I personally like about wine is excitement it gives. I'm curious when it comes to drinking new wine, testing new wine.

There are commercial wines, each bottle in a lot are the same and the wine tastes the same. There's another wine. One should be opened for a while, think a little and then each sip will be different. Such kind of wine is interesting to get through the whole evening, to sip it from time to time and see how it changes, opens up new flavors.

You can savor the wine in the evening and drift away in your thoughts just to taste the new one the next day. Wine as an art - that is what truly engaging!
During our journey we are going to visit the vineyards – to see how the grapes grow, to touch it's leaves - is like to immers yourself for a moment into a movie "Good year" with Marion Cotillard. We'll visit with you the VINARNIA – which is Bulgarian for wineries.

Moreover, I offer you a truly aristocratic event. Just imaging the Southern evening, the table, covered with the linen tablecloth, candles are burning, jazz music is on in the background and at that moment we are tasting wines from five regions of the country, listening to the enjoyable stories and finding some new interesting facts. By the way, you can't find these wines in the shops.

Oh, one more thing, don't forget about your friends and relatives, grab a bottle of white, red or rose!

Have we sold you on the idea yet? Go ahead and book your tour!

Andrey Chizhov
Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot
Pinot Noir, Mavrud, Syrah
Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc & Rose
Up to 2-6 guests and more
Transfer, wine
Tasting wines from Andrey Bulgaria wine collection. Visit to the Chateau with a tour and tasting (up to 100-150 km from the coast) Time: 3 to 6 hours.
You can be with a children under 18 years.
Additional guests pay for their presence separately.

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